1. From where does our cashmere comes from?

At Vintage Shades our cashmere comes from Leh Ladakh, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia.

2. What is the source of cashmere?

Cashmere comes from goat called Capra Hircus, this goat is found in Inner Mongolia. When the temperature goes to minus 30 Degrees the goat gets certain kind of hair to protect them from severe cold climate. This is cashmere hair.

3. What is the guarantee authentication of cashmere products?

Our cashmere is certified by SGS, Intertek, Camel Hair and Cashmere institute in Boston.

4. How to store cashmere?

Cashmere is supposed to be stored flat, an ideally in an airtight pouch. Preferably you can store in linen or cotton pouch as well with some clove or wood to keep the pesticides at bay.

5. Does cashmere pill?

It’s a normal property of cashmere to pill a little, if it is high twist cashmere it will pill a little and if it is lower twist cashmere it will pill much more.

6. What is the most surprising FACT about cashmere?

Cashmere is so SOFT and DELICATE & at the same time it’s so warm, it’s an amazing quality of cashmere, even it’s softer than your first love.

7. Can you steam your cashmere?

Yes, you can always steam your cashmere, it makes cashmere softer and also you can maintain the structure of your cashmere products.

8. Is cashmere is a luxury item?

Cashmere is the most royal fabric existing worldwide. The price of cashmere is more than the silver, and definitely, it’s a luxury item. Cashmere is the softest wool and was mainly used by the queens and kings & still is being used by many royalties.

9. How to remove pilling?

You can remove pilling with a small scissor, but you need to be very careful that you don’t damage the fabric. If pilling is a lot then you can use the certain pilling tools, one of the electric shaver which is used to clean cashmere pilling also you can use sweater combs to remove pilling.

10. What is the BEST quality of cashmere?

The best quality of cashmere yarn is with the highest mm 42-44 micron and at the same time lowest microns which is less than 15 micron.

11. Is cashmere timeless?

Cashmere is timeless because it’s not uncommon to hear that is has been passed from one heirloom to next.

12. Is cashmere a great investment?

Cashmere is a great investment because it has can be used by 2-3 generations, some cashmere products can be passed from parents to their children and then next to their grandchildren.